A flexible solution for 

Tyffi's aims to fix rustic user experience with actual feedback solutions,
offering a quick way to collect feedback from collaborators, clients,
with a good and friendly user interface.

Easy To Use

Create your feedback campaigns in a few clicks. Our web platform allows you to access and edit your campaigns anywhere. You can create drafts, pause or delete campaigns and share them with your design team.

Daily Reports

Our daily reports and easy exports allow you to spend more time tweaking your campaigns.

Real Time Analysis

Monitor activity in real-time as people interact with your campaigns. The reports are updated continuously and each hit is reported seconds after it occurs.

Analysis support that saves you time

Tyffi’s provides a web platform for you to view responses in real time. Aesthetic and practical, the platform allows easy exporting of your results directly to your presentations mediums.

Boost your response rate with stories

Leave the traditional unappealing, tedious and archaic formats. Opt for a fun and modern solution that will increase your response rate.


This dashboard is a time saver for you, it is clear, clean and easy to use to manage all your campaigns.